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Oct. 19th, 2010

I was teaching Brooklyn "this little piggie" last night but we had to change some of the words to fit her 3 year old understanding. This is what she recited back to me.

This little piggie went to grocery store.
This little piggie is home.
This little piggie eated shamwish.
This little piggie had nufin.
This little piggie went "TICKLE ME!!!"

I got a 94 on my ENG101 essay! The professor said it was an impressive first essay. This semester has been intense but I am glad I did it this way. Next semester I think I will take BIO and some easy stuff. Maybe something like pilates. Speaking of working out I am getting so frustrated. I work out and eat good but this last 10 pounds just wont budge. I really don't want to go back to starving myself. I'm not fat but I really just want to have a fantastic body. Count down to wedding is like 35 days.

My school loan money came in yesterday. We went a little crazy at best Buy but we needed to. Our TV went out a few weeks ago so we got a 50 inch plasma for a really good price. Then Glenn decided he needed a PS3. I actually love it more then him. We got Little Big world for the kids but it is so addicting! I needed an ipod for tanning so I got a purple one. Speaking of tanning I went today. Planet beach rocks.
I think I worked out harder today then I have in the last 3 weeks. I should have taken my measurements at the start. Glenn has lost something like 15 pounds. I have only lost 5 but I only wanted to lose 15 total. It's the last 10 that is a bitch!

Taking college composition doesn't actually make me a better writer, it just makes me more aware of how bad my writing is. Fragmented sentences FTW!!!

My PSY245 teacher is amazing. She is a total AP mom and her essay question are about breastfeeding and co-sleeping. Too bad her husband (my ENG101 teacher) loads me up with homework about food. Yes people you read that correctly...food. Like what are the evils of McD's and why should we shop at farmers markets. I have a 4 page essay due Tuesday. I am doing it on teaching gardening in schools. Because ya know we need to be talking about food. I hope he eventually changes it up.

Yesterday we helped my SIL move into her new house. Then we celebrated with pizza and a bonfire.


The P90X is so bad ass. I haven't really noticed that huge of a change but it's only been about a week that I have been working out. I don't have a ton of weight I want to lose. Maybe 10 or 15 pounds max. But OMG you should see Glenn. HUGE difference already! Last night we did the ab ripper X sweet baby Jesus I thought I might die. We need to go grocery shopping today. This diet isn't all that bad. It's actually a good amount of food. I don't really feel like I'm starving myself but I do crave the junk. My sweet tooth will be the death of me! I will post progress pics every 30 days.

I should be writing a paper right now. Instead I am listening to pandora and flipping between FB and LJ. Ahhh procrastination you are my friend. It does feel good to be in school. I got a laptop as a gift to myself for finally doing it.

Friday is Glenns b-day. 31! My word time speeds up every year. We started P90X a few days ago. It's rough but the results will be worth it.

Aug. 17th, 2010


Go there now. I think it might change my life.
I had a dream about Andrew. I am already forgetting most of it. The dream as a whole didn't make much sense anyways. We were at prom and a country bar. I feel like we knew the place. Then we were outside. Someone was getting married but they didn't have a dress. Glenn went into the bar and I was behind him. Andrew was sitting on the steps. He smiled at me. He looked like he had lost weight. I did a double take. It was a knowing smile. I was thinking "this cant be Andrew, Andrew is dead". He was wearing a hospital band that said a name that I didn't recognize. I grabbed his wrist. He didn't have any scars. He was pretending to be someone else and I was the only one who recognized him. He just smiled at me because he knew I knew who he was. I walked away crying and no one understood why I was so upset over some random guy. Glenn kept telling me "Honey, that's not Andrew. That is someone else". But it WAS Andrew.
Life is awesome right now. My new car is so perfect. I have wanted a Durango for so long. My work is going good too. I am probably going to get training to become a med tech. I take care of some really cool old people. Glenn got a side job helping the wife of a wealthy resident. They are the nicest people. My garden is going good too. I have a new rule. If you come over to my house you have to take some squash home with you.
I have just been relaxing until school starts. Then I will be busy busy. If all goes as planned I should be a nurse in 3 years. Then I can work on my nurse midwife and lactation consultant.


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