life IS static (lifeisstatic) wrote,
life IS static

I suppose it is time for an update. Nothing really exciting happens to me so I never have anything to post. Christmas was good. We only spent 100$ on each of the kids but with the grandparents they ended up with tons of presents. I made it through my first semester of school. I got 2 A's one B and possibly failed my math class. Still waiting for the professor to post the results of my final. Hopefully that doesn't put me on academic probation. I talked to my psych dr and she put me on adderall. It helps so much. I just have to make sure I eat before I take it or else I will go all day and not eat. It makes me have zero appetite. I have lost a ton of weight. I think I am somewhere around 112. That is less than before I had kids.

Before. I think I was about 125 at this point.
After. It isn't a very good picture but this is about 112
The kiddos and Sadie

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